Was 2013’s Stock Performance Evidence of a Strengthening Economic Recovery?

The President “claims” that income inequality is the biggest challenge he faces. However, the very policies that he has pursued for the last 5 years have dramatically increased the income gap by leaps and bounds. The numbers do the “talking”.

The realities for this outcome can be derived with:

  • the FED printing money like there is no tomorrow;
  • companies reducing their work force through technological efficiency and improving their bottom lines;
  • companies expanding overseas as opposed to fighting onerous regulation here at home;
  • building a factory in the long term;
  • the bond market under duress; and
  • with the United States still the best bet out there in an unstable world,

is it any wonder why the stock market has soared to new all time heights? The fact remains, that while millions remain unemployed or underemployed here at home, the wealthy can safely and securely continue to invest and reap a 30% average return on their investment. At the same time, the purchasing power of the dollar for ordinary Americans continues to diminish as the printing presses continue to roll. Is this what the future holds? An America where the top 1% skims the cream off the top while the bottom 99% are left to pick up the crumbs?

There must be a better way.

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