Amazon’s Delivery Service Plans to Drone Generation C

Amazon’s Jeff Bezos was on “60 Minutes” last Sunday with Charlie Rose, showing off the possibility of delivery drones, an innovation to achieve same day delivery but aside from that, what is the point? To make all the conventional delivery people redundant? To eliminate any wait time, so as to instill a mindset into people that everything can be instantaneous?

Just what an already growing and impatient world needs – more validation of an otherwise self-destructive tendency. The boys with their billions of dollars really need to grow out of their adolescent obsession with mechanical toys, and start considering what’s best for everyone, rather than reveling in their own self indulgences. Unless there are living organs for transplantation in those Amazon boxes, would it kill anyone to have to wait a couple of days for it to come through Fed-X or UPS?

Or maybe this is a preview of where Amazon sees itself gearing up for – selling living organs. Fitting, for a company that prides itself as the source for literally everything on earth. Next they’ll introduce us to the Amazon zombies, who go out at night to reap the organs for sale the next day. No reason to have those drones flying home empty – reformat them to work like vultures, as well. Reliability and safety issues aside, I’d like to see some discussion about the noise. Current drones (including the one shown in the promotional video) emit an annoying sound. Even if they were required to traverse designated industrial/commercial corridors for the bulk of their routes, they would ultimately need to enter neighborhoods and yards to deliver their payload. It brings to mind dozens (or hundreds) of tiny leaf blowers hovering just above otherwise tranquil spaces. Further, plans to mitigate the noise impact would probably involve trade-offs like delivering all at once (super noisy, short period) or staggering deliveries (relatively quiet, but constant and unavoidable throughout the day).


Of course, perhaps there are quieter versions of the technology in existence. Someone please enlighten us if that’s the case. I just don’t see how the energy/ecology issues can make sense for this except for a small minority of situations where something is needed instantly. I remember the days when a special order via the bookstore took 3 – 4 weeks for delivery. Now, it’s 3 days or less for most orders.

Do we really need to shrink it down to a few hours — at least for 98% of the purchases?

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