Dubizzle and the Acquisition of New Retail Segments

Ever wondered why advertisements of most C2C classified websites focus on “selling” rather than “buying”?

The answer is pretty simple: The greater the number of ad listings, the greater the traffic it will generate from the buyers’ end.

Now let’s turn the table and see this from the buyers’ perspective. What if the BUYERS (for once) had an option of filtering EXACTLY what they want, at what price and in which location, on a classified C2C website? Would it work as an incentive enough for SELLERS to list their products in accordance with the buyers’ requirements? We definitely think so!

A successful marketplace should not be expected to function as a passive sellers’ paradise (as all of the classified websites do, currently). Instead, it should incentivize buyers to choose that platform above all others at the same time. Here is how one of the leading classified websites Dubizzle.com can gain an edge over all others, using this particular business model.

Happy Shopping!

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