Emergence of Mobile Operating Systems in Asia

It has been celebrated since the advent of the smartphones that new operating systems have begun to capture the market in comparison to simple mobile feature phones.  Following are the famous operating systems which is readily available in respective brands of smartphones:

  • Android
  • Asha Touch
  • iOS
  • Windows Mobile

These are four major OS competitors attempting to capture the market share with their respective user friendly aspect. There are also various mobile manufacturing companies which are using the same OS in their respective brands of mobile handsets. It has been noticed that Android has become the market leader in Operating Systems followed by Asha Touch. But Asha Touch OS is still lagging behind, unable to trace the footprints of Android (shown in graph).


It can provide a better insight to those mobile manufacturers who are visualizing their entry into the smartphone market of Pakistan. The smartphone market in Pakistan is showing an upward trajectory which was 18% in November 2013 as compared to previous month – 17.5% in October 2013. The emergence of Android has already given a tough time to its competitors especially Windows Mobile which is a Microsoft OS and will be incorporated in all smartphones of Nokia as per their recent agreement. In the deal Nokia teams up with Microsoft in which all Nokia smartphones will have Windows Mobile OS.

This joint venture might provide a healthy competition to Android, and also to those brands of mobile handsets which are Android enabled. In order to identify future trends and threats mobile manufacturers must begin their partnership with Retail Audit agencies in identifying such threats and at the same time develop marketing strategies which can smoothly convert those threats into opportunities.

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