Factors to Check the Efficacy of an Advertisement

Advertisement plays a pivotal role in building brand identity for any brand. It also motivates target customers to purchase the product from available locations. Pull strategy is a backbone of any tangible and intangible product be it FMCG or any service. In order to estimate the efficacy of any advertisement there is sequence of factors on which it can be gauged and improvised accordingly before its launch.

It is extremely viable to pre-test the communication through a methodology which is valuable to eliminate any misgivings. Innumerous researchers have been conducted and tested in order to come up with a methodology and factors on which a communication can be pre-tested to identify any drawbacks or reservations attached to it from the perspective of targeted consumers.

So, after testing so many factors of communication following has been settled down to assess the communication or check its efficacy via research in various methodologies i.e. focus group discussions or central location tests.

Recall of any communication is very important to distinguish whether it made any impact on the minds of consumers or not. If consumers recalled then what would be its response and how much did it motivate or appeal to consumers towards decision making. With the assistance of the following factors, it can easily be identified and modified later.


1. Recall

a.  Visibility

i.      Recall of TVC (awareness)

ii.      Where it was watched (medium)

iii.      Is TVC getting noticed through the campaign

b. Brand Linkage:

i.      Is brand taking the benefit or competitor is getting its advantage

ii.      Recognition, comprehension, and remembrance

Aforementioned section will identify the overall impression of TVC in the minds of consumers. Visibility of TVC would be elicited by asking TVC recall questions along with medium of interaction. Similarly, the Brand linkage section will extract the information related to gross negatives or positives attached to a TVC.

2. Response

a. Persuasion

i.      Does TVC create incitement & desire?

ii.      Does it create purchase intent & increase frequency of purchase?

b. Diagnostics

i.      Relevance & relation to target group

ii.      Likeability

iii.      Believability

iv.      Uniqueness

On the flip side, response section will identify ramifications of the TVC on consumers in relation with decision making, motivation and its frequency. Moreover, the characteristics or traits of TVC diagnostics will further get into detailed analysis.

On the whole, the combination of Recall & Response is considered accurate to gauge the efficacy of any TVC whether it is related to FMCG or any service.


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