How can Aman ambulance use social media and distress signals to detect accident location

About Aman ambulance: Aman ambulance is a successful initiative taken by Aman foundation in the healthcare sector. 100 fully equipped ambulances are deployed to save lives across Karachi. The average response time of the ambulances is 8 minutes and has 700+ trained personnel’s 24/7.

Existing Problems: In situations of unexpected accident or mass incident that leads to chaos, people don’t report that because of the fear of interrogation from the police. Moreover in cases of mass casualty, it takes ambulances and media channels immense time in order to figure out the origin of the mishap. This thus lead to the loss of precious lives because either; the injured is traced by the time he/she passes away, or reaches the hospital by the time it’s too late.

Solutions: The solution comprises of 4 modules that capitalizes the data received from; sensors and secondary sources of twitter, in order to detect the precise location of the incident. The solution is in synchronization with the modules deployed within the Aman Ambulance network, to ensure less latency and maximum life survival.

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