Importance of Dual SIM mobile phones in Asia’s Market

Mobiles are getting embellished with various features everyday as new mobile manufacturers jump into the red ocean competition.

Red Ocean strategy: where competition is at peak and every manufacturer is trying to launch me-too products and competing with one another at same lines

There are innumerous features which are being installed in various mobile handsets but the most common and useful amongst all of them is SIM capacity. A few years back an exploratory research was conducted in which the need of dual SIM was identified and manufacturers started working on it. Before, mobile phones were only enabled with a single SIM.graphmobile

Basically, the research opened up new horizons for manufacturers to market their respective mobile handsets with a capacity of dual SIM.  Consumers appreciated the dual SIM innovation wholeheartedly in every part of Asia, except the upper socio economic class at that point in time. The difficulty of holding two mobile phones for two different numbers/operators came to an end.

However, the dual SIM feature tried its level best to penetrate into the market as this option was not appreciated by high end consumers, precisely the SEC A+ audience. Nowadays, the market share of dual SIM is crawling up, leaving behind single SIM feature mobile phones.

The pattern can easily be interpreted by depicting the gap that is lessening between single SIM and dual SIM mobile phone penetration in the Asian market. During November 2013, 68% consumers were using dual SIM mobile phones while 32% are using single SIM ones. As compared to the previous month, the usage of dual SIM is increasing day by day and eating up the market percentage of single SIM handsets.

Dual SIM mobile phones provide an ease to consumers to handle two subscriptions in one mobile handset rather keeping two. Manufacturers can easily develop their future strategies and upcoming threats through retail audit services and need to get it done through a research agency that specializes in offering Retail Audit Services for Mobile Handsets.

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