In Defense of Amazon’s Controversial Employee Allegations

In an honest op-ed on Seeking Alpha, Lance Brofman is quoted as:

“The effects of the 2007 depression are much less severe than the 1929-41 depression because of safety-net benefits now provided. Consider the horrendous, though not uncommon situation of a household in 1932 comprised of elderly grandparents being supported by their working-age children with young children of their own, when the breadwinners became unemployed. The 1932 family would be destitute. Today the grandparents would have social security and Medicare benefits. Their working-age children could now collect unemployment benefits for up to 99 weeks. Additionally, the entire family could also be eligible for food stamps, Medicaid, rent subsidies, heating fuel subsidies, free school lunches and other benefits. The 1932 family might also have had a bank account in one of the many banks that failed and lost their savings. Today, Federal Deposit Insurance protects such bank accounts. You might say we are now in a depression with benefits.”

Anyone watching an episode of Undercover Boss will see that these executives not only have no idea what their mandates do to workers; but can’t come close to doing the same jobs themselves. There ought to be a mandatory program that requires a minimum number of hours for executives to do the jobs throughout their organizations. Then policies would change.


Two Sides to Every Story
In light of the revelation on Amazon in France and Germany, there are two sides to every story – take the tax situation. Amazon is hardly alone in taking advantage of a favorable tax situation as allowed by the government. It’s no different than states luring business by providing tax abatement’s. Why not take advantage? The average taxpayer surely wouldn’t turn down their standard deductions when completing their annual taxes. Amazon has (a/c) in every building,  they never “rented” paramedics as widely speculated. But they do have a great on site, round the clock care center that can treat anything from a small cut to triage until paramedics arrive. I have never known a company to offer that service. Not too many companies offer stock to every employee anymore either but Amazon does. No company is perfect but I’ve seen conditions that are pathetic compared to Amazon. Last time I checked, crooked Detroit politicians and greedy labor unions brought that upon themselves.

My last trip to Detroit I went to cheer for the home state MSU Spartans. My reward? My brand new Honda that was parked on the street had “USA” carved in the hood. Never mind that the car was made in Ohio, but it shows exactly the type of Neanderthal thinking that caused Detroit to be passed by and into the downward spiral caused by the bloated US auto industry. If you don’t like capitalism, fine, but that is what our country is based on and Amazon operates within that framework.

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