Inception of Conducting New Technique of Interview “oBeeBle-A Smartphone App”

All Marketing Research Agencies conduct interviews via PAPI technique which is very famous worldwide (Pen and Paper Interview). It takes plenty of time and paper use is involved at the higher end. Afterwards, recorded data from targeted consumers is transferred into the system which generates graphs but manually. Doubtlessly, this PAPI technique is still very famous in the marketing research field. However, with the passage of time new techniques are being developed in order to be more productive and also automate the field force.

The New Technique with the epithet of “oBeeBle” has come out into the market in other words of marketing research it is SAPI (Smartphone Assisted Personal Interview) technique of conducted all types of consumer interviews. With this method, the data are recorded into a Smartphone by the interviewer and reports would be generated within minutes. This Smartphone app is called “oBeeBle” following are its features and benefits:oBleeBle

  • Questionnaire Creation Software
  • Data Collection Mobile App
  • Website for Data Management
  • Quick Response Forms (Dispatch / Order / Complaint)
  • Data Security
  • Reports Generation
  • Reports Publishing
  • Graphical Representation
  • Project and Users Management


Interactive Dashboard
oBeeBle offers its clients a very interactive dashboard. The dashboard itself is supplying most of the statistical data that a company wants to figure out every now and then. Presently, the dashboard includes 4 tiles explaining the information related to:

  • Questionnaires and their submissions
  • A map showing the locations where the questionnaire were satisfied
  • A bar graph representing a short summary of the submitted data number of occurrences in selected areas

One of the remarkable things about the dashboard is that “oBeeBle” will keep on constantly updating it so that guests can accept more and more cases of data statistics present in the dashboard.

oBeeBle has as many uses as you want to give it. The oBeeBle is a practical application that allows you to create forms through a series of tools (as it has its native Form Builder) designed to fit all types of field data collections. Whether you are a foreman on a marketing research or FMCG, Telecom Manufacturers or Telecom Operators, there are forms for your business. OBeeBle assumes the shape that you give it, be it activity reports, sales closings, collection of a lead’s contact detail, or any other kind of commercial activity. Moreover, it is more beneficial to track down retail tracking for FMCG companies.

The oBeeBle application is for anyone who wants to backup and centralize information faster and with fewer constraints. This could be an entrepreneur or an independent contractor who would like to improve the responsiveness and productivity of their company.

This Smartphone app will be useful for marketing research agencies and FMCG sector as well where most of the companies find it hard to gather information, meet deadlines, manage field personnel and generate reports. The oBeeBle is now emerging to solve all their respective problems with feasibility of monthly and yearly subscriptions only to its guests. Unlike most of the applications which have paid versions, oBeeBle facilitates its clients having any type of subscription its full features of the site as well as the client end up.

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