Marketing Advice for Cookie Time

There is a plethora of click & mortar or flip & mortar products coming into the market as the majority of consumers are available on social websites/forums. These products receive online orders and deliver it to the desired destination. Similarly, In an era where competition in tough and customer loyalty is essential, being able to directly address existing or potential customers is key. Benefits include prospect profiling, depth explanations of product solution, ability to capture information and enable follow-up communications.

In this dubious world, “seeing believes” plays a pivotal part in bringing forth a decent act of gross revenue. A product like “Cookie Time” is also one of those products who has recently been launched and offering a mixture of fresh, delicious and savory cookies at door step. Nevertheless, it has no physical availability like other bakery items. BTL marketing activities give the customers the first hand experience of “Cookie Time” and actively create brand value. The awareness of Cookie Time is not up to the mark within its targeted audience. Brands availability only on social forums is not the conclusion of the tale, but marketers should continue its focus on traditional entrance. Thus, physical presence would be value added to the brand that has the potential to rise in the coming times.


By maintaining in mind budget, one of the best strategies for “Cookie Time” to penetrate into the market is to conduct small BTL activities in different Shopping Malls of any nation. If Cookie Time wants to launch in UAE market again BTL would generate high awareness and word of mouth. BTL is still successful strategy because it provides you the experience of the product and when it comes something to eat, then for sure BTL will create awareness and simultaneously generate sales. Below-the-line marketing activities are often used to encounter a less cluttered communications environment to communicate directly with the target audience. BTL marketing strategies are used when the target audience for the particular products and services is limited and a direct reach of the customers is particularly beneficial.

An infant brand like “Cookie Time” needs to grow its traditional approach to arise in the near future; it doesn’t imply that it should stop contemporary marketing strategies that have to be there and needs to be ad-libbed. The ingredient of the traditional approach has always been viable, but it also incurs small cost. The more you put in the right direction the more it would generate fruits for the marquee. In a marketplace filled with advertising social media clutter, BTL marketing efforts may be potentially more cost effective and provide “Cookie Time” with opportunities to use more sophisticated approaches in comparison to mass media-based ones.

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