Musicians United

‘Music is the food for the soul’, and you need good chefs to make that food. Just like good chefs are hard to find, same is the problem with good musicians. Talent goes through many trials just to get noticed. Many just get wasted in the process. There’s always a need for a platform where bands and musicians can showcase their talent and get the appreciated as the artists they aspire to become.

This shouldn’t be a problem in this age of digital. But we still see many a band struggling to make it big and relying on garage gigs to just serve their passion for music. How can technology help in getting musicians from small town concerts to stadia full with enthusiastic fans? Simple, give them the launch pad they need and let the music play.


Melody Fusion is a platform designed and operated for one major purpose – to help artists fulfill their musical dreams. They help musicians accomplish this by giving them a platform to share their music and a place to find other people with the same passion.

Rock City Club is the world’s only Social Music Network™. A system that integrates social media and fan interaction to discover and develop musical talent, and expose them and their music content to a worldwide audience utilizing virtual and real world experiences. Labeled as the “Facebook of Music”, Rock City Club is changing the music industry in terms of how artists and bands are discovered, and how their music is promoted and distributed. Rock City Club is an online global community where artists, bands, fans, rockstars, and industry professionals come together to discover, promote and enjoy the best undiscovered rock talent online, and at Rock City Club shows worldwide.

Bringing the social aspect to music helps record companies find new talent as well as musicians to get acknowledged. All you need is to add a bit of technology to get it going.

Music is inherently viral. All it needs is a platform to be showcased. So will you be the one behind the next big superstar?

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