The Bull’s Eye Research Methodology

Research Methodologies play important role while opting for the solution of each product/service. The wrong selections of methodology can create a fiasco for the researched product/services. It is extremely imperative to distinguish the research problem by providing thorough care to its research aims. It leads towards the direction of selecting scrupulous methodology.

Several methodologies are being taken up, but the right one with authentic target respondents is always followed. The triad is on the methodology which can be useful for such products or services which requires the responses of three people in the family. Automotive research can easily and swiftly come along with Triads, where Husband and wife including child response carries immense weight-age while analyzing the results. One, for example is for Real Estate where buying house come under the consideration of three people in the house.

A similar kind of study was conducted for Tea Blend Leaves of two types. In which targeted audience were neighboring friends of one another, such respondents were selected and interviewed in Triads technique. A mini Focus group was conducted, followed by tea making exercise was observed and recorded with due permission from the respondents. This dual type of marketing research with the help of the Triads data collection method was expeditious in finding out conclusive and insightful results of the study. One more study was conducted on Smartphones in which three friends were recruited to conduct triads to understand their perception and preferences towards the usage of Smartphones Price ranging between USD $ 550-600 belonging to socioeconomic class A+. The technique of the Triads data collection method was highly appreciated by client after getting insightful and actionable results. Nevertheless, it is highly important to identify where to use this data collection method and would it serve clients purpose or not as per defined research objectives.

This technique of information collection method can assist customers in understanding in-depth reasoning behind using any merchandise/service. Moreover, if there is any fresh product taste test study is conducted still this methodology will assist clients to gather useful exploratory information in real time scenario. Customers across the Asia consider the technique of Triads is cost & time effective and adept enough to gather & interpret data in a timely fashion.


  1. farah

    Well written data. Can You share your knowledge regarding analyzing data through excel for consumers research particularly ? I have read your few posts too. I want to know about your experience and knowledge as I like your way of writing and describing things in a way any one can understand it.

    • Faisal Ali Shaikh

      Hi Farah,

      Thank you for the appreciation.

      I shall let you know the details via email. Moreover, I shall soon write an article on consumer research data analyzing through excel.

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