The New Normal and Partnering with Adobe Marketing Cloud

The digital era came with a lot of promises, like measurability and the road towards impactful ROI. The idea was to gain an evergreen set of channels to grow the business and evolve everyday. The reality is that budgets allotted towards marketing are now more about feeding those channels to keep them alive and at times, in a half-assed manner. To even have a semblance of the a chance in the new normal, marketers have to continuously work in an ever shifting balance between speed, cost, flexibility, brand, compliance and security. Every time we take on a new campaign or micro-site, its a chance to suffer from the same resonating eight pain points:

  • consistency of brand message
  • time to market
  • too many vendors
  • resource & budget constraints
  • digital asset management
  • mobile first, responsive design
  • targeting and data management
  • actionable insights


Fight or Flight?
Today, campaign plans comprise of three common steps – ideation, realization and engagement/execution, with a 30%, 50%, 20% brain focus division among them. We need to move away from realizing a small set of ideas and create an open space to bring in new ideas and engagements. A lot of our work at Ephlux has been project based, wherein we would come into a customer’s online marketing efforts – build & design a website, their apps and eCommerce micro-sites and the engagement ended. In the world that was five years ago, even clients we have on retainer, that was a perfectly acceptable way to work. Digital allows you to have a continual relationship with customers and as such, companies like Ephlux need to remodel the relationship with clients that is more durable so now we’ve adopted what Professor Sasha Strauss refers to as the “New Normal” with a more flexible and always on approach towards clients, the same relationship we advise them to undertake in brand strategy. And this is why we reached out to partners like Oracle and Adobe in order to reach better outcomes and drive the digital engagement landscape like never before attempted.

Since partnering with Adobe, our approach towards overall campaign value proposition has changed dramatically. We now have a division dedicated towards campaign formulation, execution and analytics. The tools from our partners provides a better way for us to design and execute campaign properties and micro-sites as part of the overall campaign model broken down as follows:

a. Strategy

  • Media Plan
  • Customer Targeting
  • Site Design
  • Social Strategy

b. Demand Generation

  • Media Buying
  • CRM Activation
  • Site Configuration
  • Social Activation

c. Analytics & Optimization

  • Media Optimization
  • Customer Analytics
  • Site A/B Optimization
  • Social Analytics

We’re using Adobe Experience Manager in essentially a PaaS (platform as a service) format that enables rapid deployment of  responsive design campaign and micro-sites. With more and more marketers driving home the idea of customer experiences 24/7, off & online, we believe the partnership with Adobe technologies will enable smart content marketing and campaign management for immediate test and target capabilities on campaign sites and explore new avenues in the digital landscape.

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