Tours come alive with Augmented Reality

What is Augmented Reality to begin with? It is a way to bridge the gap between the physical and digital worlds. It is an augmented overlay of digital photos, videos, text and even 3D models over one’s physical reality. It is widely used to enhance user experiences in various industries as people can look at more than just what they actually see through their eyes.

How can Augmented Reality be used in the Tourism Industry?

Augmented Reality can be amazing in enhancing the tourist experience. Tours can come to life with the help of AR overlays over present day tourist spots, providing detailed context related to history and important events. An AR app can also double for a tour guide with overlaid videos explaining the tourist attraction in detail.

The Museum of London’s StreeMuseum app makes your visit to London an enchanting experience through the use of Augmented Reality. Past images through the museums historical archives are overlaid on the current view to create a Then and Now experience.StreetMuseum2

The app also provides historical background and further details to the Then and Now images.screen480x480

Paris Then and Now Guide also provides a similar tourist experience for the French Capital. It provides notifications to smartphone users when they get near a site with historical significance, so they can point their device and see the overlaid images along with historical context. Users can choose from 2000 Then and Now sites to overlay images to add context. There is also a video feature where videos from the past can be overlaid on the screen.



Circa is also an Augmented Reality application started in Los Angeles. It makes the tourism experience more social with the help of AR. It provides the usual Then and Now experience, along with the ability to take ghost images and share them on social media. In this way when a person takes a ‘ghost’ image at a place they visit and then share it with their friends, who can see those ‘ghost’ images through GPS as they point their devices to the spots the images were taken. Circa is also filled with interesting games and challenges to make the tour more exciting.


Augmented Reality is just the tool for the tourism industry to create memorable and exciting tourist experiences. It can be used in much more innovative ways to further brings tours to life.

This is the age of the customer and the experience you can give. Delivering the best tourism experiences with the help of Augmented Reality will make you stand out from the competition and mark you as being an innovative leader in your industry. Customers will look up to you whenever they plan holidays or look to explore new places. This will help you drive more customers towards your travel business boosting revenue with the help of the added technology.

What ideas do you have that can make a tour an everlasting experience with Augmented Reality?

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