Trends Indicate Preference for Dual SIM in Emerging Markets

This article is the follow up of the November publication which showed the increasing trends of dual SIM in Mobile Handsets but this time the trend of Dual SIM in Smartphones is explained.

On a monthly basis, dual SIM feature tried its level hard to capture the market. Nowadays, the market share of dual SIM has won more than 70% of SIM share in Smartphones. According to December-2013 72% consumers were using dual SIM in Smartphones while 28% were using single SIM Smartphones. As compare to previous month the usage of dual SIM in Smartphones has increased and exceeded the market percentage of single SIM.

It can easily be predicted the trend of using Dual SIM might touch 90%, but it is a supposition and the future will explain it in detail whether it is going upwards or coming downwards. The majority of manufacturer is interested to launch Smartphones which have Dual SIM facility feature. It happens because of Mobile Subscribers who are launching an attractive and a lavish subscription deal at diverse levels, i.e. SMS Packages, Internet Packages, Call Packages, and etc.

However, majority of Smartphones having a capacity of Dual SIM falls under the price range of Rs. 3700-7500. It means that still majority of high end Smartphones starting from Rs. 12,000 are not into the Dual SIM category because it has some technical issues of lowering down the processing of Smartphones. However, in near future manufacturers might embellish high end Smartphones with Dual SIM capacity.

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