Webinar: Oracle Service Cloud for Consumer Electronics & Home Appliances | Thurs, Nov 19th (11 am pacific)

Webinar: Oracle Service Cloud for Consumer Electronics & Home Appliances – Nov 19th – 11 am pacific

80% of your future profits come from your existing customers and 86% of them stop doing business with a company after one bad experience. Consumer Electronics and Home Appliances industry is no different. In this webinar we demonstrate how Oracle Service Cloud can be used by Consumer Electronics & Home Appliances industry to WOW their customers across the customer journey.

What does your customer do when the home appliance breaks down?

  1. Tries to search for the fix on the internet  esp. YouTube
  2. Shares with friends n family on Social Networks
  3. Tries to find the Knowledgebase on your website on her mobile
  4. Tries to locate your LIVE Chat support
  5. Tries to find your contact information
  6. Drops you an email
  7. Calls your call center
  8. Never wants to repeat her story

Customers hate call centers and 75% of them contact you via 3 or more channels

Customers hate calling call centers – still the majority ends up frustrating themselves and you on your your call center – this happens when you don’t have a cross-channel service center that spans across all the channels and devices through the customer journey, forcing the customers to repeat their painful story each time they interact with you on a channel – this becomes alarming when you realize that 75% of customers try to contact you via 3 or more of these channels.

Introducing Oracle Service Cloud for Consumer Electronics & Home Appliances – a cloud-based service center that spans across the channels, devices, service centers, customer locations and integrates to your on-prem ERP.


Watch the LIVE broadcast OR the recorded video of the webinar


Webinar Details:

  • Join the webinar here – Date/Time: Thurs, Nov 19th (11 am pacific)
  • Not available at this time? Join anyways – you’ll get the recorded session for the webinar sent over to you to watch whenever you get time.

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We would love to hear your feedback on the webinar hangout and also some of the challenges that you’re facing with customer experience for your consumer electronics and home appliances business.

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